SportID+ package: marketing solution for service providers

SportID is a platform for managing corporate sports and health compensation and a marketplace for service providers which is used by more and more people each month – currently there are over 320 companies with a total of 50 000 SportID users. Over the years, SportID has grown into a significant marketing channel for health and sports providers.

As the number of users is growing, so is the need for various services. This means that there are many users who are unable to find the service they are looking for and they do not use the sports compensation that is given to them each month.

In order to make you more visible to our active users, but more importantly – even more visible to our inactive users, we have created the SportID+ package.


What has SportID+ to offer as a marketing channel?

In short, SportID+ service providers become more attractive, easier to find and see increased sales due to increased exposure. In addition, there are numerous advantages that only SportID+ service providers get.

In addition, there is a separate package, SportID+ PRO that gives service providers even more advantages.



Money withdrawal at any time. SportID+ service providers can withdraw money unlimited number of times from products and services sold. SportID regular members can withdraw money once a month.

Money withdrawal in every amount. SportID+ service providers can withdraw any amount of money. For SportID regular members, the minimum amount is 15€.



Search. SportID+ service providers are shown first on the service providers list.

Profile. SportID+ has a more attractive profile (service provider name, profile picture, address, contact, services, brief description) on the general list.

Visual. SportID+ package allows adding pictures, videos, and special offers on the service provider profile.

Discount prices. If SportID+ service provider offers discount prices for only SportID users, the prices are more visible and marked red on the general list.


Advertising and Sales

Notification letter. Newly signed SportID+ service providers have priority reference on users’ money expiration notification letter that is sent twice a month. SportID+ service providers are also mentioned if service provider has an ongoing campaign. We find it important to advertise SportID+ service providers when the users are most likely to use their SportID credit.

Automated emails: SportID+ PRO. SportID+ PRO service provider banner will be added to many different automated emails. Automated emails are sent hundreds of times over a month. Target audience is active SportID users or managers who have recent SportID transactions. Emails can also target one specific group of audience.

Newsletter for specific target group. SportID+ PRO offers advertising for specific target group – for example, users in specific city with certain compensation plan. Letter includes only one certain offer that is also displayed on the subject of the letter. That makes it more attractive than general newsletter, which includes several different offers.

Social media. (SportID+ once in three months, SportID+ PRO once a month). We offer advertising on SportID Facebook page about discount prices and campaigns.

Campaigns. (SportID+ with extra fee, SportID+ PRO for free) Plus package member have opportunity to participate in campaigns, like Christmas calendar and several others.

Blog. SportID+ package member can post on SportID blog that points to specific service or information.


How much does it cost to join SportID+ package?

Joining SportID+ package is free, without any monthly fees. In order to provide the marketing channels outlined above, the SportID+ package fee starts from 2.5% from sales turnover. In this way, SportID+ members do not have to pay for anything they actually do not get.

SportID standard package:  0% of the withdrawable amount, terms of money withdrawal: once a month, starting at 15€, receipt within 14 days.

SportID+ package: 2.5% of the withdrawable amount, terms of money withdrawal: unlimited number of times in any amount, receipt within 3 business days.

SportID+ PRO package:  5.. % of the withdrawable amount, terms of money withdrawal: unlimited number of times in any amount, receipt within 3 business days.


If you are interested in joining SportID+ or SportID+ Pro, write to us at