How to find compensated services from SportID?

There have been many questions regarding the new tax law that changed what are taxed and tax-free health services and which can be bought using your sports compensation. Let’s see what has changed and how does this affect using our service.

In the recent update we added additional labels to all our services that show whether a service is compensated by your employer or not. All compensated services have a green logo on them.


Why are some services compensated and some are not?

Each employer can choose and decide, which categories of services are allowed to the employees. You can see all the categories that are compensated for you on the left side bar when you log in to SportID (see picture)


Sometimes I still cannot buy a service that is compensated for me. What is the reason for that?

In 2018 a new bill was passed that allows employers to offer sports compensation free of tax to their employees, but all services that are included in the bill are strictly limited. According to those limits we have divided the services into taxed and tax-free services.

According to the law, all trainings are tax-free, unless the training includes any other service.

For example: the service provider offers training with a sauna ticket. If the sauna ticket cannot be purchased separately, only together with the training itself, then the service is tax-free (Example 1). If the training itself can be purchased separately, then the training together with the sauna ticket is a taxed service (Example 2).


Example 1

Swimming 1h + sauna center ticket – TAX FREE

Example 2

Swimming 1h – TAX FREE

Swimming 1h + sauna center ticket – TAXED


Even though services such as massage, spa, sauna and swimming pools all belong under the rehabilitation services, not all of them are tax-free services and thus cannot be purchased using your sports compensation.

With the sports compensation you can only purchase rehabilitation services that are meant for preventing injuries, recovery from an injury, long sickness (this includes services from physiotherapists and recovery doctors).

Example: recovery doctor has acknowledged the need for physiotherapy for the employee. In this case, it is allowed to visit the physiotherapist using the sports compensation.

If your employer does compensate rehabilitation services, but you cannot purchase any services at a certain service provider, then that service provider lacks the necessary qualifications required by the law.

Just as before, all massage services are tax free if appointed by occupational health doctor. In this case, your employer must compensate either rehabilitation services or accept receipts.