SportID activities in November 2017

Dear SportID investors,

Here is our report from November. Again, we made a new all time records in the most important KPI’s.

Sales and marketing

Pretty standard for the end of the year is that we don’t have big numbers in growth in the numbers of new customers. They are mostly lined up for the beginning of next year. But the general activity of our users is growing. We had a very successful marketing campaign in November, that is still running in December. The winner gets a brand new iPhone X and this has raised the activity of existing users considerably.

Our traditional top of most active companies in Estonia was won by Fujitsu Estonia.

Product Development

We just released a new version of our UI which is many times user tested and should result in much better conversion rates from our landing page. Since we are 3 days online we still have some minor issues. Next month we can say a bit more about the results.

27th of December 2017 is the date we will be releasing a new app together with Estonian Olympic Committee and Coop. Our dev team together with Bitweb and the best fitness coaches in Estonia have developed it since spring. It will be officially launched in the end of year gala of Estonian Olympic Committee that takes place in Nordea Concert Hall in Tallinn.

New Markets

Our CEO Marti Soosaar visited Denmark and interviewed 4 companies. Also we have moved on with the plan in Holland. We have decided to make the next steps on that market and prepare a launch plan with help of local representative and tax lawyers.