SportID activities report: June 2017

Dear SportID present and future investors.

While we were busy with raising money, our tokens at Funderbeam were not traded and no reports were sent. So few months have passed without our report but here we go again.

The numbers

Since there are few companies who don’t support their employees for some reason in summer months, some service providers are closed and others have fewer customers, summer moths are always a bit lower than spring. That’s how it is this year as well. The highest growing number from June 2016 to June 2017 is the amount of services our service providers have sold using SportID credits and that has grown over 62%.

Also we are happy that the decline from May to June is smaller than last year. -23% this year and  -25% last year. We have done somewhat better than last year in keeping people using SportID. Of course the user numbers have also grown remarkably. We have plans how to improve the numbers in next summer so they will not fall as much. For that we will release two different tools that will be presented this autumn.

The finances

June was good month for us financially. We earned the trust of the investors to continue developing the company at the same speed. We closed the round at Funderbeam and got a bunch of new tokens for trading together with our previous round tokens. The amount of investment that we closed was a bit above 153,000€. With current speed of burn this is enough for us until next spring.

Of course it is important to mention in finance paragraph that while our own MRR in June is always smaller than in May, we kept that loss at around 3% while it was -8% a year ago.

The team

Our content manager Britt is leaving in September to continue her studies in Holland. So if you happen to know a talented content manager and copywriter, please let us know. We have really  a lot of work to do in this field and would love to have someone with great talent to join our team.


Our German market manager Holger has met a few networks in Germany that might help us to spread our product there. Our CEO Marti will visit Germany in the middle of August to continue the discussions with them. We will report these results in our August report.


SportID presented the company in Raadio 2 morning show on 16th of June. On 20th of June we were in the business newspaper Äripäev because of some fake invoice that we got from Czech Republic. Some crooks tried to cheat 2000€ from our company, which they didn’t manage to get. May be something valueable to read and know how to avoid these type of mistakes.